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Al 'Arabiya baina Yadaik I

Al 'Arabiya baina Yadaik I
 Beginning book, for teaching basic four skills of Arabic
The student book contains 16 units. Each unit has 6 lessons designed as follows:

Lesson 1: Presentation: 3 pages that include three dialogues except the 1st unit which includes 6.
Lesson 2: Vocabulary: 3 pages that include: 1. Basic Vocabulary, 2. Additional Vocabulary
Lesson 3: Grammar structures: 4 pages that include exercises and grammar summaries
Lesson 4: Sounds and listening comprehension: 3 pages that include minimal pairs, Quranic verses, sound recognition and production
Lesson 5: Speaking: 3 pages that include: dialogues, completion exercises, descripition of pictures, and communicative drills
Lesson 6: Reading and Writing: 4 pages that include reading and writing
Tests and Evaluations: 8 self tests, each 2 pages long, each after every 2 units, 2 extensive tests. 1 mid-term after 8 units, and 1 final exam after unit 16.
Index: Lists of supportive illustrated vocabulary, Vocabulary lists for each unit




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