Standard Chinese Vol 1

Standard Chinese includes standard Chinese from (1) to (5), with each part 12 lessons and each lesson including five parts, glossary, grammar, conversation, listening, and reading. You may carry on the study in turn or choose the contents you have interest in. These aspects contain each essential factor of Chinese studying. As long as you persist listening, speaking, reading, and writing, you will certainly have a harvest.
Take English Chinese learners with English as their mother tongue or medium language for teaching objects, especially suitable for foreign students who prepare to take the test of HSK to use. The course content is mainly offered for foreign official and commercial personnel stationed in China, overseas students, Hong-Kong, Macao and Taiwan area personnel who need to study Chinese mandarin, and students from overseas Chinese schools, foreign universities and middle schools taking Chinese as optional course. This teaching material is based on Chinese Proficiency Test Glossary Outline, Syllabus of Chinese Character, Syllabus of Chinese Grammar, and provides the learners a systematic and practical Chinese knowledge system.
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Standard Chinese Vol 1 | Standard Chinese Vol 1 | Standard Chinese Vol 1 | Standard Chinese Vol 1 | Standard Chinese Vol 1 | Standard Chinese Vol 1 |


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