Linguaphone PDQ Turkish (4 CD + Coursebook)

Linguaphone PDQ Turkish (4 CD + Coursebook)
ISBN: 0747308705
~170 MB

Turkish PDQ is a fun, holiday-style course aimed at beginners wanting to learn Turkish. Using proven teaching methods and with a strong focus on essential vocabulary, you will quickly be able to handle a wide variety of everyday situations.

* Learn to speak, read and write Turkish to an elementary level.
* Learn 500 essential Turkish words and phrases.
* Perfect your accent by listening to native Turkish speakers.
* Focus on the vocabulary that you need.


* 1 x 64 page illustrated colour course book
* 4 x 60 minute support CDs

Why learn the Turkish language?
Turkish is spoken by almost 65 million people in Turkey and 150 million worldwide. With no gender and every word pronounced as it is spelt, Turkish is an easy and enjoyable language to learn. Turkey is where the east meets the west, a world of exceptional hospitality, beautiful coastlines and fascinating history. Learn Turkish today and barter for bargains in the many bazaars and then unwind in one of the Turkish baths.

Linguaphone: Quality courses that actually work!
Developed in conjunction with leading language learning experts, Linguaphone PDQ courses are a Pretty Darn Quick way to learn a new language.

* Course book provides clear guidance and simple explanations.
* Practical written exercises link with audio.
* Bilingual recordings let you study with the book while listening to the lessons.
* Regular tests boost your confidence and help track your progress.

The course book gives helpful guidance, support and extra practice and is packed full of illustrations to give you a feel of the country.

An excellent introduction to learning Turkish, 3 Sep 2001
By A Customer

If you enjoy learning languages with the aid of tapes, then this is THE ONE for you. The gradual build-up and repeated drill approach is perfect for grasping this 'strange' sounding, un-European language.

You can follow the tapes with or without the book. You get a thorough drill of the key language and new vocab. Then you follow some longer dialogues which set the vocab in context. And lastly, you get to practice what you've learnt with various exercises. This powerful combination serves to consolidate your learning effectively.

I've also tried the Berlitz & BBC phrase books with tapes. The Berlitz tape has phrases as well as practical exercises but they are diffcult to follow unless you have photographic memory. There's no script to follow with the tape so you have to skip all over the book.

The BBC tape does have an easy to follow script and contains a slightly broader range of phrases/vocab than PDQ. However, it's basically a parrot learning excercise so you need to go through the tape a few times. Like PDQ, it builds up gradually.

Overall however, the PQD wins as the best inroduction to learning Turkish because of its friendly, encouraging approach.

Excellent for the complete beginner, 8 Aug 2003
By A Customer
After trying another Turkish audio pack without success I bought this one and found it to be much better. I would recommend it to the complete beginer. The book is easy to follow and the repetetive nature of the audio CD's mean you quickly pick up new words and phrases. I found it very encouraging and helps to build confidence even if your not very good at learning languages. As an introduction to Turkish its great, in three weeks I have already learnt over 100 words!


Linguaphone PDQ Turkish (4 CD + Coursebook) 
Linguaphone PDQ Turkish (4 CD + Coursebook) 
Linguaphone PDQ Turkish (4 CD + Coursebook)


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