How to Ask Questions

How to Ask Questions
Author(s): Betty kirkpatrick
Publisher: Learners publishing
Date: 2007
Pages: 249
Size: 49.22 Mb
Format: PDF in rar
Quality: Excellent
Language: English

It is important for learners of english to be familiar with the various ways that questions can be asked in English. Questions from an important element of English, particulary spoken English. Without such a knowledge of questions and indeed without a corresponding knowledge of how to answer them, learners of English will be unable to become truly fluent in conversational English.

The book describes the various ways that questions can be asked in English. It gives copious examples of all the question methods so that learners can see the language of questions in cation. These examples of questions come accompanled by appropriate answers. Language notes have been inserted throughout the book to add the student's knowledge of question.


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