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The Essential Underground Handbook
The Essential Underground Handbook
The Underground Directory

PML Publishing Ltd | 2003 | ISBN: n/a | 229 pages | PDF | 1 Mb

The Essential Underground Handbook is a guide to some of the most essential information and techniques for those people who no longer want to live in the grip of Big Brother.

This book was compiled by people with real insider knowledge and experience of the living life on the fringes on normal society. We are sure that this book will help you along the path to personal freedom.

This is your guide to some of the most closely guarded insider techniques, used by major crime syndicates and politicians alike - information you won't find anywhere on the web

Table of Contents

1 - Offshore Banking

01. Introduction
02. So Why Go Offshore?
03. Offshore Agents and Big Brother
04. Offshore Money Flow
05. Jurisdictions and Banks
06. Quick Start Guide
07. Merchant Services
08. Other Payment Services
09. Confidential Check Cashing Services
10. Bank Contact Details
11. Offshore Journals and Magazines

2 - Mail Drops

01. Global Providers
02. country Specific Providers

3 - Second Identity

01. Second Passports and Citizenship
02. Frequently Asked Questions
03. Banking Passports
04. Diplomatic Passports
05. International Drivers License
06. Fake identity Documents
07. Prestigious Titles
08. Becoming an Ordained Minister
09. Escaping the USA
10. Escaping Canada
11. Escaping the UK
12. How to Beat Big Brother and other Scammers
13. References and Contacts

4 - Company Formations

01. How to Set-up a Corporation or Limited Liability Company
02. UK Company Formations
03. How to Set up International Business Corporations

5 - Private Investigation, Security and Surveillance

01. Performing Background Checks
02. How to Use Pretext to Gain Information
03. Little Known Database Searches
04. Uncovering Hidden Property
05. Sources of Security and Surveillance Equipment

6 - Communications

01. How to set up telephone numbers in almost every worldwide city
02. How to make cheap telephone and fax calls worldwide
03. How to surf the Internet anonymously using proxy servers

7 - Hacking and Computer Security

01. Introduction
02. A Hacking Walkthrough
03. Automated Hacking Tools
04. Underground Hacking Resources

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