Quran in Arabic For Ebook Readers (Nook, Kindle, Sony Reader)

 Quran in Arabic For Ebook Readers (Nook, Kindle, Sony Reader)
 Quran in Arabic For Ebook Readers (Nook, Kindle, Sony Reader)
PDF | 163,3 MB | RS, MF, Megaupload

Specially crafted for ebook readers with 800x600 screen size. With current technology it is not possible to have Arabic text in Epub format, and that leaves us with ony one option Pdf. One original page from Quran spreads over two pages for easier read. Every single page has its own page number, juzz number and surah name. It comes with page, juzz and surah index for easier navigation.

Original Arabic text is from http://tanzil.info/ which aims to produce a highly verified error-free Quran text, and make this text available to the Quranic websites and applications. Font used is Lateef, text type simple, and pause marks and small-Alefs are shown.

Tested on Barnes & Noble's nook and it works fine. You can see the result above. Before downloading the whole book you can see a demo page. Size of the book is quite large, but I am working on it, soon you will be able to download another copy with much smaller size.

Demo Page: Rapidshare | Megaupload | Mediafire



  1. If you have been looking for The Qur'an in Arabic for Kindle, Nook or Sony Reader, or any other ebook readers, look no more.
    Here is the best site you can download Arabic Quran with page numbers, juzz numbers, surah name, table of contents. You can navigate to anypage, surah or juzz you like. Clear legible fonts, six different style. Bookmarks and notes can be added. For nook, you can directly jump to any printed page number, for kindle you can approximate by using location number, since there is two location in each page. Anyways, just try and see.


  2. http://quranelibrary.blogspot.com/

    Best site to download Qur'an for kindle in arabic. Table of contents, juzz and surah index. You can also jump to any page you like by using page number via search function.


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