All new getting along in Japanese ( 18-25 DVDs ) Learn Japanese eBOOK + AVI

 All new getting along in Japanese ( 18-25 DVDs ) Learn Japanese eBOOK + AVI
All new getting along in Japanese ( 18-25 DVDs )
NHK | 2004 | AVI (480x360) +PDF | 1.3 GB

This educational series is developed to teach Japanese language to non-Japanese-speaking people living in Japan. The main points of learning center on using appropriate expressions directed toward specific persons in certain situations to establish smooth relationships, as well as using suitable terms of expression in order to be understood by other persons in one's normal life and workplace.
As an aid in understanding conversational situations, the program introduces the Japanese language by means of video skits. The story unfolds with a focus on Anna, a Filipino woman married to a Japanese man who has been living in Japan for three years, whereby we learn various Japanese expressions used in a variety of scenes through her communication with people around her in her daily life.
All of the programs are introduced mainly in Japanese, but use subtitles in English, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese. In addition, segments within each program include such topics of interest as essential kanji for everyday use along with Japanese expressions to describe feelings or emotions.




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