Brainwave Mind Voyages - 18 Om Meditation Free Download

Brainwave Mind Voyages - 18: Om Meditation
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The amazing OM MEDITATION BRAINWAVE CD contains no guided vocals so it can be used for any meditational purposes. You will explore new depths while experiencing the timeless sounds of OM. The sacred sounds of OM are combined with powerful brainwave entrainment tones to instantly create a state of deep physical relaxation and expanded consciousness. This psychoacoustic voyage also contains our newAutonomic Audio-Pacing TechnologyTM (AAPT). The heart rate and breathing cycle on the CD continually slows down at specific rates. Experienced meditators whose bodily functions were monitored using Biofeedback Equipment (EEG/EKG/GSR) show the exact same lowered rates of heartbeat and breathing, the same decreased rates that you will experience when you listen to this CD!As the pacing slows, you will see yourself slowing down too. Deeper and deeper, you will go. Your heart rate and your breathing
cycle naturally slow down to mirror the rhythm of this powerful progressive relaxation. By simply listening to this CD for 10 minutes or less, your physical body will be so relaxed that you will ready for any type of inner work: meditation, creativity, reverie, problem solving, brainstorming, trancework and more. USING BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT TECHNOLOGY TO TUNE YOUR BRAINWAVES TO SPECIFIC FREQUENCIES! You now have the physical relaxation AND the required brainwave activity to complete the process. The state-of-the-art brainwave entrainment technology on this CD allows you to instantly experience ultra-deep relaxation. The brainwave stimulation techniques are based upon EEG readings of brainwave activity experienced by experienced meditators, Buddhist monks, healers and other adepts. Now, you can experience these powerful brainwave patterns, simply by listening to this BMV CD!Geniuses like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Jefferson, Edison and many others have utilized our natural Theta mind state and now, YOU CAN TOO, SIMPLY BY LISTENING TO THIS CD!
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